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Kauswagan Hugyaw Festival Cancelled due to COVID-19

News Release: Office of the Mayor Kausawagan LDN

Published: April 24,2020

Kauswagan LDN – Mayor Rommel Arando announced the cancellation of this year’s Hugyaw Festival amid the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Arnado, in a video messaged released on Kauswagan LDN Facebook page today, encourages for the community to pray to Sr. San Vicente the town Patron Saint as they also celebrate the 27th Charter Day of Kauswagan on the 25th of April.

Every month of April the people of the Municipality of Kauswagan celebrates Hugyaw sa Kadagatan, a Sea Dancing Festival,  it is also the local residents way to give thanks to God for the year’s bountiful harvest of the sea by the community.

 Kauswagan is famous for its abundance in coastal resources such as fresh fish and shells which brought interest to business sectors to engage in food, shell craft and other industries.

One of the various activities and highlights of the Hugyaw festivity is the Fluvial Parade of Floats Contest.

Floats are carefully decorated to animate the marine life commonly found in the municipality and to make it more alive and captivating dancers display their costumes that accentuates the beautiful life of the sea while the float made of bamboo rafts are being towed by a motor boat.

The week-long celebration of each year is one of the biggest gatherings in the entire area of Lanao Del Norte which is one of the reasons for the increasing number of tourists in this town.

Last year an estimate of 30,000 thousand residents, local and foreign tourist gathered to witness  personally the fluvial parade floats and other activities that was prepared by the Local Government Unit of Kauswagan.

Such activities are the street dance and sea dance, Miss Hugyaw beauty pageant, organic farming symposium, agri-aqua fair, annual town wedding, youth and sports promotion, and much more.

The Hugway sa Kadagatan Festival coincides with the week-long celebration of the Town’s Fiesta and Foundation Day.

However, In spite of the local government that had been preparing for the month-long festival last January, Mayor Rommel C. Arnado issued an announcement yesterday regarding the postponement in commemorating the two celebrations.

He urges the community of Kauswagan not to prepare for the celebration and not to even invite guests.

 He further stated that the cancellation of the celebration was in accordance with a mandate from the National Government banning assemblies and parties and even religious gatherings that are strictly prohibited.

Arnado added that postponement also aims to ease the situation next month amid the corona virus threat. “If we want our situation to get better in the first week of May, we need to do it,” Arnado said.

The mayor also reminded everyone to continue to comply with the Municipal Law and even the mandate from the National Government. The LGU will be intensifying all checkpoints on the day of the festival and will prohibit visitors from entering the municipality.

“This is the first time we have not celebrated our town fiesta and charter day”. Arnado said. (Now-pinay)

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